Cracked Brick WallIf your building has suffered damage or contains ageing materials these can start to create a problem.  These can affect the main structure itself or roofs and windows.  LEBC are here to help by quickly and efficiently returning your premises to full working order.

Repaired with confidence

Rest assured, LEBC have experience in working in a wide range of buildings to solve problems caused by subsidence, fires, flooding and accidental damage.

When it comes to structures damaged due to subsidence or other environmental factors, we will ensure that the cause is dealt with before we make good on the symptoms of the problem.

LEBC  have a great deal of experience in remedial work for business and commercial buildings.  We’ll ensure that your repairs are durable and unlikely to be required again in future.  You won’t have to worry that cosmetic work simply covers up the problem – as we get right to the root cause.

Many years working in commercial building mean that we have the team in place to work with virtually any scenario efficiently and with exceptional results.

Typical Structural Repair Problems

Structural damage to buildings can cause a variety of problems requiring repair work.  Some typical aspects of our work are:

Damage To Cavity Walls

These can be made as strong as solid walls with properly installed wall ties.  Often damage to this type of wall is worse where wall-ties are absent or incorrectly fitted.

Repairing Cracks In Walls

Cosmetic cracks are relatively simple to repair, but when cracks run deep into the masonry, reinforcement / stitching may be required.

Using heavy duty helical-stitching-bars, problems caused by undesirable shear forces are reduced and the wall is reinforced.  In conjunction with other remedial work, Crack Stitching Bars are a powerful part of our crack repair arsenal.

Bowed Wall Stabilising

Often caused by vibrations of heavy machinery or traffic, excessive floor loads, the building’s original construction also usually plays a part.

Often bowing of walls occurs where walls were insufficiently thick for the buildings height, or where they were poorly connected to any partitions, external-walls, beams and joists

Fixing Damaged Window Lintels

Many buildings constructed in the UK didn’t include a lintel to reinforce the area around the window.  The brickwork in these cases was supported with a load-bearing window frame.

Where such an area becomes damaged, or it is desirable to replace the window, we deploy a Thor Helical Masonry Lintel to reinforce the brick around the non-load bearing window to be installed.  As well as being a ‘best-fit’ solution, it also saves money over using traditional lintels.

Masonry Arch, Tunnel & Bridge Repair

Whether the arch is part of a large, traffic bearing structure or purely decorative, you will want to repair it quickly and with discrete results.

Although one of the strongest structures from an engineering perspective, many arches are decades old. They also tend to have been built to serve in areas where vibration from traffic is extensive from above and/or below.

Using stainless steel reinforcement systems by Thor Helical, we reinforce the entire arch.  The reinforcement prevents excessive movement from recurring while permanently improving the structural integrity of the arch or tunnel.

Treatments that we can carry out to stabilise a damaged arch include:

  • Soffit Reinforcement – Barrel Arch Beaming and Pinning
  • Pier – Crack Stitching
  • Abutment – Crack Stitching and Pinning of Coping Stones
  • Beaming and Pinning
  • Pier – Crack Stitching
  • Spandrel Pinning
  • Replacement and Pinning of Spalled Bricks (Elevation)
  • Parapet Wall Stabilisation
  • Ring Separation – Barrel Arch Pinning

Getting In Touch

If you need help with structural damage or disrepair affecting your building or arch, please do not hesitate to:

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