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Getting your home back to normal as fast as possible

if you have suffered a fire or flood we understand just how much you will want to get back to normal as fast as possible.  It’s not just about getting your property back, to many people it’s about getting your life back.

That is why we are committed to a policy of ‘putting an end to the problem.”  This requires our team of skilled, highly experienced craftsmen who know the standard of work should be even better, not just equal to, what you had before.

It also means understanding that having no delays or inconsistency in service levels means a hassle free end to what has no doubt been a highly traumatic time.

You can see more detailed feedback on repairs carried out on fire and water leak/flood damaged property on the reviews page here.  Here is just a snippet:

“The repair work was scheduled to take 6 weeks, but Lee and his team actually completed the work in just 4 weeks.  The degree of skill and care deployed by Lee and his team is a credit to the building industry.”

Despite finishing ahead of schedule in this example, we never rush work at a cost to quality or finish – we simply work efficiently and apply in-depth knowledge acquired over many years experience.

So if you are selecting a property repairs team yourself with an insurance claim budget please call us on 01676 545 051 or email us here.   We can assist you by having all the craftspeople required to complete the repairs overseen by an experienced and highly skilled, hands-on repairs manager.

Structural reports and surveys

If you need an independent structural report or survey carried out to ascertain the extent of damage to your property, whatever the cause, then we can arrange this for you.

We can also assess the structural condition of properties for independent loss adjusters representing their clients or carry out surveys and site visits for insurance companies. The structural engineers we provide pride themselves on establishing accurate, impartial reports which give you the real picture.

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