Emergency Repairs or Long-term problems solved

firebefore-300x225.jpgIf you have already had the structure of your property assessed and problems have been identified we can assist with practical and durable solutions.  Alternatively if you have been the victim of flooding, fire damage or other damage and a problem is immediately obvious to you, then we can provide structural engineers or repair experts to assess this for you.

We can then go to work to get life back to normal for you.

Damp, woodworm or subsidence

Perhaps it’s damp problems or woodworm, subsidence or storm damage, and you need it fixed.

fireafter.jpgIf a problem has already been discovered, it can be appealing to wait until it’s ‘more serious’ before repairing it. Often that can be the wrong approach. It’s best to tackle any property problems in their early stages; before too long it could be disastrous and the cost sky-high.

Your right to choose

In many cases, home insurance companies are contacted about these problems initially, but many property owners find settling an amount with their insurer and selecting their internal repairs or structural repair specialists themselves the most reassuring option.

You can see some of the ways we have helped people get back to normal on our reviews page.

Problem solved

new school extensionWhether you’re a homeowner, landlord, an independent loss adjuster, a representative for a property management company or even an insurance company, you will need an effective solution.

It could be structural repairs, woodworm, dry rot or damp and mould treatments, bowing walls, lintel failure or even difficult subsidence repairs, and a lot more.

Homeowners can sometimes be tempted to go for a quick fix, but with that approach these ugly problems may show their heads sometime in the future, next month or a few years down the line. And when that happens, you’ll realise the associated stress and extra cost were not worth cutting corners.

You need a professional, quality solution…

How LEBC can help

We are a company experienced in delivering the solution you’re looking for —helping you with insurance building repairs and fixing your properties interior or exterior structural issues.

Whether it’s helping domestic and commercial customers making a claim and managing their budget or giving advice to the clients of independent loss adjusters and insurance companies, we are able to carry out the necessary work to provide you with a seamless experience that gets your property back to its very best as soon as possible.

And even if your property hasn’t reached the stage of an insurance claim, we’re more than happy to survey it or arrange a structural engineers report to put your mind at rest.  This could apply to your existing home or a potential investment.

With years of experience and many pleased clients, we’re confident that we are the solution to your property problems.

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