Properly constructed groundworks pave the way for robust builds and pleasing final results.  LEBC have extensive experience working in this field:

excavationWith access to many types of excavation equipment available to us, we can carry out excavations for any size of commercial project.

If you need a narrow channel dug for services to a house with limited access, we can help you just as easily as if you require a number of licenced digger operators for larger scale ground preparations for a commercial building.

Working to provided specifications or helping to determine them alongside you, we can assist you to remove large areas of unwanted material quickly and efficiently or construct groundworks on land already cleared for construction.

levellingCreating a suitable building platform and the grounds to match often involves clearing large flat areas.  As well as excavation, we can also shape your plot to create the access and environment you need.

Delivering topsoil, stone, aggregates and concrete, we efficiently complete preparations.  Quite simply, we get you off to the best start, helping to give your building project the momentum it needs.

IMG_1666Digging foundations to order, we have a great deal of experience in consistently high quality work without fuss or delays.

We carefully use the right equipment for the job, meaning that there’s no need for unnecessary infilling or excessive manual digging.  Getting the foundation channels right saves time and money on your project and hiring established professionals such as LEBC is the smart choice when you want the job done properly.

piling drill rigAs you are probably aware, piling is a process where deep shafts are excavated and metal sections (or cages subsequently filled with concrete) are driven, or screwed down into them.

These columns give extra strength to both the ground beneath a building and help to properly transmit the building’s weight into the substructure.  The proper use of piling makes it possible to construct large stable buildings where it would not otherwise be possible.

Whatever the size of your building project, we can offer you a comprehensive piling service, working with your construction team to get things right the first time.

drain channelsOnce we have your site levelled and ready, we go to work to dig out any drainage ditches, channels and pipework that you need to service your property.

A vital part of your building’s infrastructure, we put a great deal of stock in getting things right, so your project keeps moving on-time and on-budget.  If your facility requires ‘soakaways’ then we have the expertise to excavate and fill them before proceeding.  You can have confidence that our implementation of your plans will be timely and efficient.

We’ve a great deal of experience in exceeding the expectations of our clients. As you will find from our testimonials, we deliver the service required, efficiently and won’t let you down or leave you in the lurch.

drainageWhatever the requirements of your project, we have the diggers, machinery and tools to dig and lay any trenches, channels and pipework/hardware to suit your purposes.  We can also excavate pits and boreholes.

It is safe to say that if you need your site reshaping and trenches or channels created for any service, sewerage, water, power or data, we’ll get it right for you on time, every time.

pipesNaturally, as well as supplying drainage services for your premises, we can also facilitate and deploy pipes, ducts and hardware to connect your premises to the power grid and water services.

Qualified and well regarded, our team make service connections to meet or exceed planning and ‘regs’ requirements every time.

Keeping things simple for our clients, we delight in providing a high quality service without unpleasant surprises.

service roadsNew buildings often involve new access requirements and we’re experts in providing them.  Whether the ground is relatively smooth and clear, or requires extensive stump or rock removal and ground clearance, we’ve got it covered.

We can tackle any size of ground clearance and road construction project.  Please get in touch and let us know your requirements.  We’re known for our friendly approach and efficiency and often offer more attractive quotes than other companies working at our level of quality.

concreteSlabsOur services don’t start and end below ground level.  Far from it, as well as our groundwork preparation and building services, our team of surfacing staff have the expertise to lay high quality paving or concreting to complete your ground-level work in a variety of appealing finishes.

Whether or not you have used us to carry out previous aspects of your ground-work preparations, we have the skills to finish off the ground around your building beautifully.  Whether you choose concrete, natural stone, composite, aggregate, timber or contemporary surfacing to surround your build, our efficient and careful work will delight you.  Soft landscaping can also be arranged with us to complete the look.

We work to fair margins and work the extra mile to avoid delays or undue fuss, ensuring a stress-free project and deadlines that are met.


Businesses We Have Worked For

We are delighted to work for local authorities and public sector organisations as well as property developers and businesses from the private sector.

As you’d expect we have access to the full-range of highly specified plant, machines and equipment, well maintained and available for large or small jobs.

Our trusted staff are experienced and professional, we pride ourselves on the quality of delivery as well as our very reasonable price-structure.  All required licences are held by our digger, dumper and vehicle operators.

For More Information Or To Arrange A Quote

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