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Our commercial and industrial division provide all aspects of ground works, construction and refurbishment services.  Structural engineers can also be commissioned to provide reports on new build projects and existing property in need of remedial action.

These services are available at manufacturing sites, office buildings, retail outlets, leisure industry sites and public sector buildings.

Our case studies section gives an example of the type of projects we can undertake, however these are not exhaustive.  Please contact us on 01676 545 051 or email us here to discuss your requirements in detail with a projects manager or the Managing Director, Lee Essex.

Our experience is varied.  It includes the building of new assets at sites ranging from breweries to a zoo.

Ground works and New Build Projects

industrial building and remedial workWe can complete all ground works required on projects at existing and new sites – including those required for commercial extensions and new self-contained buildings.

At industrial sites we can work closely with architects and your in-house project planners to ensure the construction meets LCCA targets, future production requirements and logistical needs whilst minimising environmental impact during construction and future operation.

Structural Reports and Building Repairs

If you are considering a new building we can provide structural engineers who will visit your site and prepare reports on the feasibility of such a project for planning purposes.

Equally, occupiers and managers of existing properties concerned about their condition can commission a report to check structural soundness or any specific issues.  This includes checks to ascertain whether any of the issues covered in our structural repairs section are present (subsidence, woodworm, damp, masonry problems, bowed walls, damaged lintels, masonry arch, tunnel and bridge repair etc.)

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