As an approved and trusted contractor, we work with Carlsberg on both an emergency and planned basis. In two recent projects, we were contracted to install new gas main groundworks and complete planned maintenance for one of Carlsberg’s major malting tanks. Working alongside gas engineers, we were tasked with replacing the existing corroded gas main and installing a new one. For the malting tank maintenance, we had to work to a very strict schedule so that production downtime for the client was kept to an absolute minimum.


For the gas main, the gas engineers made the corroded gasman safe and removed it without damaging. The LEBC team reinstated the groundworks, flowing through the mains water pipes and adding steel sentry and shuttering. The malting tank required meticulous planning, working during and outside of normal operating hours in order to complete the groundwork maintenance quickly to avoid disruption to the production schedule. Both jobs were completed successfully, within their time restrictions and with a very happy client.

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