BCHS (Birmingham Co-operative Housing Services) Structural Repairs

Structural,Thermal Movement Repairs

A helibeam and cavity wall ties were inserted. A stainless steel pre-tension bar was inserted to resolve the issue.

Carlsberg UK Yard Repairs

Damaged concrete needed to be replaced. We cut out sections of concrete and new concrete was inserted. We replaced the reinforcing by drilling into existing concrete and inserting a metal re-bar, which attached the existing concrete to the newly applied concrete.

Carlsberg UK Effluent Manhole Installation

A new manhole chamber was connected to an existing effluent waste system. The client needed to install a flow meter on it to monitor waste going out through the system.

The chamber was a lot deeper than those in typical systems. The pipework was encased in concrete which involved taking special care to open it without breaking or damaging the pipework.

Carlsberg UK Emergency Road

The construction of an emergency access road

This project required the planning and implementation of a detailed health and safety method statement, in order to safeguard the clients’ employees.

A temporary pedestrian walkway was put in place prior to the works commencing. In order to retain the integrity of these safety measures, this walkway was relocated by our team three times as the construction progressed.

Other health and safety measures included the staged closing off of roads as appropriate and necessary. All stages of the construction project were carefully planned to maximise safety for the clients employees and visitors whilst minimising disruption to business operations.

Solihull School (Junior School)

New build extension for the purpose of a changing rooms and shower block.

In addition, an existing changing room was converted into a toilet block).

Going the extra mile:

We felt that the brickwork on the new extension could be given a more decorative appearance in keeping with the identity and heritage of the school. As a result a circular brick motif was built into the extension, which is visible from the windows of surrounding buildings and classrooms. The area surrounding the new extension was also re-landscaped.

Elephant weighbridge – Twycross Zoo

We constructed a reinforced concrete pad with built in drainage. Purpose-built shuttering was constructed. The drawings changed late in the process as the clients requirements changed and we adapted our work to meet these new needs. Scales were mounted on the construction to act as a weighbridge, for the purpose of weighing elephants.

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